Blue Mountain

This 4,900-acre recreation area includes 41 miles of system trails and is a popular spot for locals and visitors because of its proximity to the city of Missoula and the views of the Missoula valley, and the Sapphire and Rattlesnake mountains.

The hiker’s course. This area spreads across a large expanse on the face of Blue Mountain located just south of Missoula. The first half of the course is mostly open with occasional tree obstacles that can block the view of the basket, followed by the second half of the course which dives down into the wooded ravines of Blue Mountain. The second half can require a skilled hand at tree-dodging; though the fairways themselves are fairly clear if you can keep from playing in the rough. Overall, a “big-arm” course that requires plenty of long shots.

  • Targets: 18 Mach V & DisCatcher Pro
  • Range: 3 under 200′  |  8 under 400′  |  7 over 400′

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