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In Montana, the State legion Baseball program actually extends beyond the State of Montana to include several communities and teams from southern Alberta, where baseball is extremely popular as evidenced by a thriving high school baseball program. Thus, the state league is referred to as the Montana/Alberta Legion Baseball League or MALB.

The MALB is organized intro three “classes” including Class “AA”, Class “A”, and Class “B” leagues. The Class that a team plays in is determined by the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade enrollments (both boys and girls) of high schools from which it receives players. The enrollment limit for a team is 5,000. However, a Class AA team also can have a Single A “farm” teams, like the Missoula Mavericks “A” team, cannot play 18 year olds.

The Mavericks are a “AA” team within the MALB’s Western Division. The Mavericks enrollment includes Big Sky, Hellgate, Sentinel, Frenchtown, Loyola, and Valley Christian. Other surrounding schools without Legion baseball programs can be added whenever players from them try out for and make the Mavericks team.

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